Baby Box Of Play No.2; 4-8Mths

During the first 12 weeks, your baby's primary focus has been centered on understanding and forming bonds with the most important individuals in their life. Their attention has been dedicated to learning about the nuances of these intimate relationships and honing their communication skills within these special connections.

While nurturing these connections remains an ongoing priority, your baby's curiosity about the broader world has now been awakened. Enhanced visual capabilities allow them to perceive their surroundings more clearly, revealing a vast and intriguing world to explore. This newfound awareness prompts them to seek a higher vantage point, often standing on their parents' lap and engaging in little jumps, as they try to take in the wonders around them.

As they continue to develop, your baby gradually begins to comprehend their own identity as separate from their mother. The notion that they have distinct thoughts and individual preferences starts to take shape. This evolving realization of having their own intentions will unfold and mature in the coming months, introducing a new layer of complexity to daily interactions and experiences. While this phase may present challenges, it also marks an exciting chapter of growth and discovery for both you and your baby.