Baby Box Of Play No.3; 8-12Mths+

Around the age of 8 months, your little one will embark on a journey of mobility, which may involve crawling on all fours, doing the commando crawl, or rolling around. To encourage this newfound movement, captivating toys that make sounds and move can be introduced. As babies become mobile, their curiosity will lead them to explore and absorb everything within their reach.

Babyproofing your living space becomes paramount during this phase. It's crucial not to hinder your baby's natural inclination to learn and discover by confining them to play pens during their awake and play times. While play pens can be used to ensure safety, it's advisable to employ them only when necessary. Generally, babies are happier in a playpen if a caregiver is present within it.

As your baby reaches 9 to 10 months old, they will progress to pulling themselves up to stand, followed by cruising along furniture as they build the foundational skills for walking. This exciting developmental stage marks an essential step towards their journey to independent movement.