Baby Box Of Sleep No.1; 0-4Mths

The initial weeks and months pose unique challenges for both parents and their newborns. During the early weeks, our primary focus is fine-tuning feeding to ensure your baby's healthy growth. As your baby progresses into the early months, the synergy between feeding and sleeping becomes evident. Our goal is to optimize feeding for better sleep quality. At Bout the Babe, we've carefully curated essential bedtime elements, including products and resources, dedicated to facilitating a peaceful and restful sleep for your baby. When your baby is well-fed and sleeps soundly, it greatly eases the transition into parenthood. Our Stage 1 Sleep Box contains all the necessary items to support your newborn's sleep. When you subscribe you will receive your Baby Box Of Sleep No.2; 4-8Mths to ensure continued quality sleep as your baby grows and develops.