The parenting years are challenging, especially if you are doing it alone or with minimal support. Gone are the days when your family were close by and your friends lived around the corner. Your own parents, grandparents and aunties might not available  to give us a hand, help out, baby sit or offer advice. At 'Bout the Babe we want to offer some of that help and advice that you need from your support network. Let us and the other families in our community be there for you and your family as you grow.

Parenting years are also notorious for their lack of sleep. Let's take a moment to share some laughter and camaraderie by exchanging funny photos of our adorable little ones dozing off in the most unexpected and extraordinary places. Remember, you're not alone in this joyful chaos! Feel free to share short and amusing videos of your children too – because the unintentional humor they bring into our lives is simply priceless! 😄👶🎥📸To contribute your baby's photos and videos please go to our blog.