100% Organic Cotton - Adjustable Baby Swaddle

100% Organic Cotton - Adjustable Baby Swaddle

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Newborn to 4mths.These effective and secure swaddles help your baby to feel safe and comfortable even when they aren't being held. Some parents feel their baby doesn't like being swaddled, and they may not like it when they are awake. It will help them settle and it will help them sleep better. If your baby gets upset being swaddled pick them up and settle in arms to help them calm down. You will need to offer lots of motion to help a distressed baby calm down. They may need something to suck as well. Try to settle your baby while bouncing on a fit ball as this is a level of comfort that usually works to help your baby soothe from a distressed state. These wraps settle your baby with their arms down so they feel contained and more easily transition from being in arms to sleeping in their bed. 


Suitable for age group: Newborn (0-3mths, 3-4mths)(80cm and below)

Style: Cocoon type

Size: 50*73cm

Season: Four Seasons

Product category: Sleeping bag

Pattern Type: Print

Gender: Unisex

Fabric: Cotton

Age Range: 0-4m