Baby/Toddler Sleep Suit

Baby/Toddler Sleep Suit

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Cute Print 2.5Tog Thick Winter Warm Sleep suit for older babies who are pulling to stand. This sleep suit will keep your baby warm when sleeping in the cold months of winter. Babies are known to be very active in their sleep. With a sleep suit they will remain warm all night. Once a baby is able to pull to stand in their cot, it's important they have their legs free to avoid falling or tripping over in their cot.


Age range: 8 months- 12mths, 1-4 years 

Material: Cotton, Polyester

Item type: sleeping bag baby/toddler 

Item Type: Sleep suit

Gender: Unisex

Feature: 3 zippers design, the bottom can be opened up for easy nappy changing

Colour: flower, hot balloon, moon, colourful car, cute bear